Absurdly Certain / Certainly Absurd

Media Technology Exhibition: Integrity A collaboration with Sue Haldemann and Marcello Gómez Maureira Life is a series of questions. Some are personal, others are bigger than we are. We are constantly dealing with new information, often conflicting with what we thought we knew. What do we actually know for sure? We invite you to play…
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Room K24

October 18th, 2014 Room K24 Reports from sensory deprivation experiments have demonstrated the appearance of hallucinogenic visions or of highly pleasant states of consciousness that are still to be assessed. In Room K24 visitors are taken individually through an orchestration of stimuli with aural, olfactory, tactile and proprioceptive inputs. Instead of depriving the senses, the…
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Artist talk at Sonica Festival 2012

Sonica Festival 2012 “The Sonica 2012 Festival programme follows the established guidelines of MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art, searching for transitory “escape lines” in the contemporary art, in this distinctively heterogeneous and disunited field of creative and reflective forces that are being traversed through the transitory scheme by the sound. Sound as a medium…
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EFO (Electromagnetic Field Orchestra) / Het Volkspaleis / WEST

Het Volkspaleis, WEST,  vond plaats in de Turbinehal van de E.On Electriciteitsfabriek in het centrum van Den Haag. (met dank aan Guy Tavares) By: Willem Marijs & Mike Rijnierse    

Rosa Ensemble in het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

Landschap der Nederlandse Volksmuziek (deel 2) by Rosa Ensemble performed at the Concertgebouw, for Uitmarkt Amsterdam sunday 1st september INCUBATE (Tilburg) 2013: “Vereniging van Antropologische Muziek Beleving combineert op gewiekste wijze licht absurdistisch cabaret met beeldend modern klassiek Rosa Ensemble krijgt Clancy’s aan het schateren en verdient bewondering. … is dit cabaret? Is dit muziek?…
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CC / Claxon, Echo Concert at Kunstrand, Dordrecht

Car horns echo performance at the river bank. Kunstrand opening Dordrecht, july 2013    


A collaboration by Mike Rijnierse and Ludmila Rodrigues. Mike Rijnierse and Ludmila Rodrigues researched ways of composing sound and movement through the space. Their goal is to develop a system to be performed in different locations, exploring specific acoustics, in the form of games. During this experiment the artists make use of ordinary materials as…
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Lumokinese at Sonica Festival

Installation + Artist talk at Sonica (2012) ‘Lumokinese’ is een kinetische lichtinstallatie die gekleurde schaduwen in zijn architectonische context mengt. Willem Marijs (1947) en Mike Rijnierse (1974) transformeren met Lumokinese de ruimte tot een animatiemachine. De plaatsing van bewegende objecten ten opzichte van gekleurde lichtbronnen (rood, groen en blauw) levert een dynamisch schaduwspel op. Lumokinese…
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COMPUTING MUSIC XIII, Kunst-Station Sankt Peter, Köln (DE)

Missa in RGB in collaboration with Jan Trützschler von Falkenstein. Performance on friday 16th of november 2012. GIMIK presents the eighth edition of the Computing Music series with new compositions and audiovisual works for the organ of Kunst-Station Sankt Peter Cologne. As a computer-controlled machine, the organ will perform pieces by Torsten Anders, Clarence Barlow,…
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Landschap der Nederlandse Volksmuziek (deel 2)

Met de voorstelling Landschap der Nederlandse Volksmuziek (deel 2) gaat het Rosa Ensemble terug naar de basis: het kleine, het intieme en het muzikale. De componisten Wilbert Bulsink, Floris van Bergeijk, Jeroen Kimman en beeldmaker Mike Rijnierse laten zich inspireren door het informele en onpretentieuze gegeven van de volksmuziek. Daarbij denkend aan Nederland komt men…
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Room Black

Seeing, feeling, hearing Room Black is a music theatre performance about communication, about the necessity of making contact. Three interpreters are trying to do their job in the best way they can, because the audience shouldn’t miss anything. Diligently they attempt to catch and transfer the atmosphere and the sensation, but translating this isn’t as…
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Mike Rijnierse is an artist who frequently works with light, developing an extensive series of works under the title CYMRGB. In these works, the artist made a meticulous study of the perception of coloured surfaces that are illuminated by different colours. He gave concrete form to his discoveries relating to the interaction between light, pigment…
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