Gem of Lives, Space Media Festival

Gem of Lives, a collaboration with Satoru Sugihara

Gem of Lives is an artwork crystallizing the historical context of Toad Mountain in Taipei, Taiwan and pursuit of emergence in agent-based computational design and rule-based behavioral art performance. The workshop took place at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei (TW)


Space Media Festival brochure

To reflect the context of the site, the installation structure is built with the materials used in the DYI style buildings in the site such as corrugated plastics and wood studs. The physical structure is designed by agent-based computational design method to embody emergent complexity and also simultaneously to enable DIY temporary structure with suspension ropes and was originally built by student participants in Taiwan who knows the historical context of the site well. The performance around the structure is formed by simple rules inspired by flocking birds and swarming insects together with head-mounted lighting devices developed with the participants which reflect performer’s heart beats to express the core values and beauty of everyday human lives in the multi-valued historically complex site context of Toad Mountain.