Sonic light performance / installation in collaboration with Jan Trützschler von Falkenstein. An arrangement of tube lights is set up in a dark room according to its architectural conditions. The lights are set up in such a way that they create an ambiguous impression of a two dimensional structure and a three dimensional form. The…
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CYMRGB at Marrakesh Biennale 2012

Mike Rijnierse is an artist who frequently works with light, developing an extensive series of works under the title CYMRGB. In these works, the artist made a meticulous study of the perception of coloured surfaces that are illuminated by different colours. He gave concrete form to his discoveries relating to the interaction between light, pigment…
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Station to Station_TodaysArt 2008

Station to Station, TodaysArt 2008   “I think this is an audaciously brilliant response to the present proliferation of sound artists working with field recordings (brought about largely by cheaper technology of a suitable quality)… It’s probably not a particularly new idea, given the history of musique concrete, noise machines, the ideas of John Cage,…
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THX: INT’L (landing strip) TodaysArt 2007

Turning the city center of The Hague into an international airport. The Grote Markstraat – 600 meters long street in the core of The Hague city was transformed into a landing strip, using 36×6 individual controllable lights and 48x 2000-Watt speakers, creating the experience of airplanes landing in the middle of the city. The landing…
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