Sunset in The Hague

Sunset in The Hague, from 6 to 9 October 2022, featured in BlowUp Art Den Haag and the Museumnacht (the night of the museums) on October 8th. Sunset is an on-going collaboration between Mike Rijnierse and Ludmila Rodrigues.

Sunset subverts the iconic image of the sun sinking into the horizon by placing it within the urban context. By freezing the phenomenon of disappearance and making it visible at 360º, the work creates a contemplative and disturbing spatio-temporal experience. Sunset invites for a meditation on time and image production, questioning our urge to capture and share images through our contemporary devices. Usually when we gaze at the sublime even of a sunset, we tend to reach out for our mobile devices, replacing our stereoscopic biological view – our eyes – for the cyclopic technological perspective of the camera. Sunset was first presented in Delft, produced by Highlight Delft Festival, 2021.

BlowUp Art The Hague is part of BinnenhofBuiten, a project of The Hague & Partners, organizing events and activities during the renovation of the historical Netherlands’ Senate (“Binnenhof”).

With thanks to Rollema Logistiek, Stroom Den Haag, Jolly Roger Boats, ANNA Vastgoed en Cultuur, Mary Hessing, Jenny Konrad, Carry Hendriks and all the visitors who shared their photos with us.

Watch our recap video of Sunset in Delft x The Hague – This video documents the previous editions of the project, interweaving relations of place, perspective, history and memory. The location where the Sunset was first presented, at the Zuidkolk, Delft, is where Johannes Vermeer painted “View of Delft” from his studio (c.1660-1661). The location where the Sunset was later presented, the Hofvijver, the pond by the Dutch Senate and the museum Mauritshuis, is where Vermeer’s painting is currently exhibited. Video edit by Mads Rosairus, music by Rob Bothof

See also the first edition, Sunset in Delft, 2021.