Sunset in Paris

How many times is the sunset registered every day around the world? Can one actually capture its splendor and magnitude? Sunset in Paris was presented on Saturday, 3 June 2023, during Nuit Blanche. Sunset is a light sculpture created in collaboration with Ludmila Rodrigues, previously seen in The Hague, and in Delft.

Sunset subverts the iconic image of the sun sinking into the horizon by taking place within the urban context. While freezing the phenomenon of disappearance and making it visible at 360º, the work creates a contemplative and disturbing spatio-temporal experience. Sunset invites for a meditation on time and image production, questioning our urge to capture and share images through our contemporary devices. Usually when we gaze at the sublime even of a sunset, we tend to reach out for our mobile devices, replacing our stereoscopic biological view – our eyes – for the cyclopic technological perspective of the camera.

“Discover this fascinating work that redefines sunset and transforms the Parisian urban landscape.” Rodrigues & Rijnierse’s installation Sunset in Paris lights up the Seine –

Review on Design Boom: installation-delft

Thanks to Agence Eva Albarran, Kitty Hartl, Remco Schuurbiers, the sponsors of Nuit Blanche Paris, Crystal Group and friends who visited. Watch video documentation by Fifty Productions, with music by Rob Bothof:

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