Room Black

Seeing, feeling, hearing

Room Black is a music theatre performance about communication, about the necessity of making contact. Three interpreters are trying to do their job in the best way they can, because the audience shouldn’t miss anything. Diligently they attempt to catch and transfer the atmosphere and the sensation, but translating this isn’t as easy as it may seem. The interpreters surpass each other with gestures, singing, images and sounds. With acts that start developing a life of their own.

Room Black is a show for the deaf and the hearing, during which we investigate who has the best eyes. Musically the show combines ancient Japanese drums and ruthless, analogue noise that you will hear, feel and experience.

The performance is not suitable for epileptics or those suffering from heart conditions.
a performance with Rosa Ensemble

a co-production with intro in situ

presented at Cultura Nova Festival, Heerlen, august 2012

Stephanie Pan – taiko, vocals
Ester Natzijl – dance, performance
Mike Rijnierse – light sculptures
Daniel Cross – percussion, electronica
Floris van Bergeijk – elektronica
Luuk Vierhout – light technician
Thomas Koopmans – sound technician
Lieke van Hoogenhuyze – dramaturgy