This project is a performance of overlapping complex multi dimensional patterns of sound and shadow in one flowing motion. We keep on searching for the playful, the mystery and the intriguing.

The project was born in a research group about the mind of an artist. The starting point was the person of Athanasius Kircher (1602-1680), a German Jesuit who was notably dedicated to the fields of Eastern studies, geology, and medicine. Kircher was, as the books tell us, the last scientist who tried to apprehend all knowledge. In his studies he didn’t put a border between any research field. In this context we invented an artist who also tried to achieve all knowledge and combine it with his/her work of art. Our fictional artist lived in Paris, during the 19th century. By studying the maps of the city and being interested in the process of the mind, our artist elaborated a complex theory which is demonstrated through our installation/performance.

DOTNOTATOR is a collective originated in Artscience department (Den Haag) by Ludmila Rodrigues, Marijke van Gorp, Mike Rijnierse and Nenad Popov. They are interested in finding a perspective to achieve all knowledge.
Marijke van Gorp (Netherlands) is a designer / researcher currently studying at the Media Technology department, Leiden University.
Nenad Popov (Serbia, 1978) is an artist who researches the relation between sound, image and space, specialized in video analysis and real-time image processing. Currently studies and teaches at Artscience department.
Ludmila Rodrigues (Brazil, 1979) is an interdisciplinary artist, graduated in Architecture and currently studying at the Artscience department, Den Haag. http://
Mike Rijnierse (Netherlands, 1974) is an interdisciplinary artist who frequently works with light and sound.

light band, LocatieZ, Studio Loos, Den Haag 2011



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