Sapo boi

Sapo boi is a performance guided by field recordings of the Bull toads (Rhinella diptycha also known as “sapo boi” or “sapo cururu”) made in Serra da Canastra (Minas Gerais, Brazil). As a metaphor of the region’s vibrant nature – a plateau where waterfalls flow in plenty – in this performance scented water is dripped over a preheated rock. The amplified hissing of the water, as it is vaporized over the hot stone, results in an improvised sonic layer that is accompanied by the spread of the odors in the space. The scent is a reminder of the night the bull toads were recorded in 2015. Passing under a blossoming tree, of which stunning fragrance I have learned it’s called ‘Lady of the night‘ (“Dama da noite”), that smell marked the memory of a night in Serra da Canastra.

Duration 12:13 min.

The performance Sapo boi premiered at iii space during Obviously Unthinkable #2 on October 23rd, 2021. Focusing exclusively on the polyphonic and polyrhythmic chorusing of frogs and toads, the event unraveled field recordings from various continents, made by Paul Prudence, German Popov, beepblip, Mike Rijnierse, Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand.