Locating ArtScience Talk at TEC ART (2018)

Locating Artscience Talk
Feb 9, 2018
WORM Wunderbar

An afternoon with talks and presentations by artists, scientists and lecturers connected to Dutch Art Academies and Universities.

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The event was inspired by theorist Eric Kluitenberg’s essay Locating ArtScience, on ArtScience as an emergent field of practice. A previous meeting and panel debate was organised during TodaysArt, september 2017. One of the relevant topics we discus at TEC ART is the Arts at Cern program, which promotes the dialogue between artists and particle physics, offering a useful methodological starting point for articulating more precisely where ArtScience should locate itself.

Another subject in was the (re)structure of programmes at Dutch art academies today, shifting innovation towards technology or sticking to modernism and the Bauhaus tradition of art education from the 20th century. These talks and debate were moderated by Josephine Bosma.


Eric Kluitenberg (lecturer KABK Den Haag)
Aldje van der Meer (lecturer Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam)
Edwin Dertien (artist, ass.prof. Twente University)
Daniela De Paulis (artist, research Radiotelescope Dwingeloo)
Mike Rijnierse (artist, lecturer at ArtEZ Arnhem, KABK Den Haag)
Jan Klug (artist, lecturer Frank Mohr Institute Groningen)
DSTART (Angelo Vermeulen and TU Delft team)

Locating ArtScience by Eric Kluitenberg 2017: read here.

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