A collaboration by Mike Rijnierse and Ludmila Rodrigues.

Mike Rijnierse and Ludmila Rodrigues researched ways of composing sound and movement through the space. Their goal is to develop a system to be performed in different locations, exploring specific acoustics, in the form of games. During this experiment the artists make use of ordinary materials as instruments for the generation of sounds.

At the current phase the artists are generating the techniques and expertise for instructing any public to perform and celebrate the perception of space. The artists are also inspired by the composer Masahiro Miwa’s method of composition, who makes use of computer simulation for finding the rules for his music. At the moment the artists are studying how methods can be implemented, analyzed and notated.

Mike Rijnierse and Ludmila Rodrigues invited the audience to play with and to celebrate acoustics (no technical skills required). At Wonderwerp in Studio Loos this thursday 28th (2013), they will invite the audience to play and celebrate the perception of space for Interstice, the space between things, gaps, holes, cracks, vents…