Adaptation #1 (2019)

In Adaptation #1 (2019) light and sound are scattered through reflecting facets of an adapted antenna dish. The parabolic artifact, originally designed to transmit radio signals, is here reclaimed and polished into a mirroring surface, which recalls the primeval lenses of early optical experiments that inaugurated our contemporary visual culture.

A formless, fluctuating object performs an undefined choreography, while its materiality resonates as sheer noise cast throughout the space and back into the ears of the observer. The work is a continuation of on-going research on spatial reflection.


Presented at Locating ArtScience #2 a satellite event of TodaysArt Festival, organized by alumni of the ArtScience Interfaculty, KABK/KonCon. This year they return to The Grey Space in the Middle to present the second edition, subtitled Children of the Space (A Forest): “Enter a forest. A forest is also for rest. Six Art-Scientists react to the grey space in the middle of the forest to create one immersive environment. A space to rest and recharge. A space to nourish the soul. A space to let the mind wander.”

With works by: Zoë d’Hont, Sophia Bulgakova, Stefano Zucchini, Jesus Canuto Iglesias, Stefano Murgia, Mike Rijnierse

Photo by: Jesus Canuto


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