Month: February 2018

The False Mirror, Spuiplein

A thorough renovation takes place in the center of The Hague. The urban renewal in the Spuikwartier not only ensures an infrastructural adaptation of the city center of The Hague, but will also announce a new era for the cultural field in The Hague. The Spuiplein is being prepared for the construction of the new…
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Piano / Forte

Piano / Forte is a sound sculpture in which two piano harps – two pianos stripped of keyboards and supporting parts – swing in the air like pendulums. Inside the pianos, a sensor (accelerometer) measures the variations of x,y,z positions, communicating with a custom software that translates the motion into sound frequencies. These frequencies are…
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Neural Magazine review

Relief, echolocating mirrored sounds – review by Matteo Marangoni Relief at TodaysArt (2017), Novas Frequencias (2016) Relief, TodaysArt (2017) “Relief is a sculpture which extends from a two dimensional plain into three dimensional space. The installation “Relief” by Mike Rijnierse and Rob Bothof approaches this form from a sonic perspective, employing echolocation to turn the…
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