Piano / Forte (2018)

Piano / Forte on show at Science of Sound, DordtYart Science of Sound: 1 september t/m 7 oktober 2018 Vrijdag t/m zondag, 11.00 – 17.00 uur   Metropolis M: “Een Kirrend, piepend en zuigend – Science of Sound in Dordrecht” ‘Ronduit magisch wordt het bij de schommelende pianoharpen in het werk Piano / Forte (2018)… Continue reading Piano / Forte (2018)

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Review in Neural Magazine #58 on Relief (2018)

Relief, echolocating mirrored sounds – review by Matteo Marangoni Relief at TodaysArt (2017), Novas Frequencias (2016) Relief, TodaysArt (2017) “Relief is a sculpture which extends from a two dimensional plain into three dimensional space. The installation “Relief” by Mike Rijnierse and Rob Bothof approaches this form from a sonic perspective, employing echolocation to turn the… Continue reading Review in Neural Magazine #58 on Relief (2018)