Klok_TodaysArt 2015

‘Zero is silence. Zero is the beginning. Zero is round. Zero spins. Zero is the moon. The sun is Zero. Zero is white. The desert Zero. The sky above Zero. The night – . Zero flows. The eye Zero. Navel. Mouth. Kiss. The milk is round. The flower Zero the bird. Silently. Floating. I eat… Continue reading Klok_TodaysArt 2015

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Gem of Lives, Space Media Festival / DEZACT, Taipei (TW)

Gem of Lives, a collaboration with Satoru Sugihara Gem of Lives is an artwork crystallizing the historical context of Toad Mountain in Taipei, Taiwan and pursuit of emergence in agent-based computational design and rule-based behavioral art performance. The workshop took place at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei (TW) DEZACT    … Continue reading Gem of Lives, Space Media Festival / DEZACT, Taipei (TW)


September 2nd 2015 the sounds of sirens filled the city of The Hague. Tracking the source of those sounds I found myself at the Spuiplein, the heart of the city, where ambulance workers were gathered to demonstrate for their working conditions. The Spuiplein condenses the social, political, and cultural life of the administrative capital of… Continue reading SPUIPLEIN.WAV

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