Lux Aeterna_2018

Renders by: Rod Bothof




Lux Aeterna (2018)

One of Rijnierse’s latest light sculptures, CUBE , operates on the kaleidoscopic principle of multiple reflections, by displaying several mirrors at perpendicular angles, forming a cube that is lit from the inside. In contrast to the classical kaleidoscope, where light enters the object, CUBE embodies light from within the object and projects its multiplication outwards into the space. CUBE is choreographed by an autonomic algorithm that directs the synergy between light and sound, developed in collaboration with artist Rob Bothof.

The work of Rijnierse allude to optical instruments and devices such as the Laterna magica, kaleidoscopes and the zoetrope that are considered to be precursors of film, animation and digital media. Mike Rijnierse is not guided by nostalgia, his interest is in questioning the current production of image and examining visual experience, since devices and instruments of today no longer show their process and therefore work as ‘black boxes’. By showing the process of production of light, color, source and shadow, he illustrates how illusion and vision are intertwined.

Lux Aeterna is a kaleidoscopic tunnel that rotates around the visitor. While the visiting body is free to walk through the rotating kaleidoscopic tube, the reflection of the body is being multiplied by the mirroring inside of the tunnel. Hereby the visiting body extends into a multiplication of itself. While this image is moving, it will put the visitors surrounding reference in motion, which will result in a disturbance of the visitors balance and its gravitational sense.













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